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We have exclusive closed alpha access to the Netflix commercial inventory in all countries. Request a quote or more information: call +31648581769 or fill in the contact form.

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Flixvertising is your global partner for advertising on Netflix. You can choose the budget, genre of shows, country, age, gender and more.

Disrupt your market. Surprise your audience and your colleagues by showing your brand during Netflix shows.


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1. Strategy

First we create your Netflix ad strategy, which includes for example the frequency cap to set. We also share the content requirements and best practices. For all formats: non-skippable, pre-roll and mid-roll commercials.

2. Targeting

Netflix has the most engaged audience of all media platforms. We help you reach them. We target specific Netflix genres. And calculate the amount of views you get with your budget in your target markets.

3. Campaign Management

We get your brand approved, set up the Netflix ad campaign and implement measurements. Than we manage, optimise and report on real time data so you know what the results are.

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